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April 23, 2021 at 7:15:00 AM

45 min

Hadas Givon

To watch the recording, click here

How does my DvT training apply to my work as a project manager in a community center?

How does DvT theory and practice apply to playspaces that are not therapeutic by definition?

In this lecture I will explore this topic through a case study – my work as project manager at "Tveria 15", a community center in the Hadar neighborhood in Haifa.

At "Tveria 15"  I have the privilege to work with a team of open minded talented people and together we create our own playspace and in it, express ourselves.

I will present on how DvT theory and practice manifest in our teamwork and in our approach to the physical and conceptual space of the community center. I will focus the discussion on the term playspace and invite thought about other non-therapeutic spaces that DvT can be applied in.

Hadas Givon lives in Haifa, Israel. She is a drama therapist , works with children and teenagers and is curious about the way therapy can be applied in communities and neighborhoods.

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