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Stirring the Pot: A Performative Report on the Cauldronathon

April 23, 2021 at 7:45:00 PM

60 min

DvT Montreal: Meaghen Buckley, Sondra Goldman, Stephen Legari and Zuzana Sevcikova

To watch the recording, click here

Montreal is a welcoming, unique bilingual crossroads where people from around the world come to live and play.  We at DvT Montreal take pride in welcoming newbies into our pot.  This inclusive perspective was the seed to help sprout The Cauldronathon, a brand-new form of vDvT.  This 24-hour DvT marathon took root in Montreal and branched out to DvT host institutes from around the world: 13 cities across 8 countries. Our two-part presentation first condenses the 24-hour Cauldronathon into a 24-minute or less performance based on DvT Montrealers’ memories and other participants’ reports. Next, participants will be invited to enter the Cauldron and express their favourite flavours of po’a inspired by the Cauldronathon. They can replay memories of the event, or what they wish the event could have been, what was missing, what they were doing instead of attending or just to come to play!

DvT Montreal is represented here by Sondra Goldman and Stephen Legari, DvT art therapists, and Zuzana Sevcikova and Meaghen Buckley, DvT dance/drama therapists.

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