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It's like peeling an onion - " zay min taqshir albasal"

April 22, 2021 at 7:45:00 AM

60 min

Amani Musa and Hila Haba -Ashkenazy

To watch the recording, click here

This workshop will focus on the meaning of removing the outer layers of ourselves through play. We will connect to our bodies, and by playing a variety of roles, we will uncover buried memories related to stressful situations.

In this way we will discover new emotions through movement both on our own selves and that of others -this method is likened to a “peeling off the layers" experience, similar to the way the layers of an onion are peeled, revealing the center core. Through the workshop we invite you to participate in this singular experience, on a variety of multicultural, which incorporates the spirit of playback, drama therapy methods and basic principles of DVT.

** The workshop will be translated simultaneously into English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Amani Musa has worked as a drama therapist for the last fifteen years, is a playback performer and a mindfulness facilitator. She is a PhD candidate and conducts workshops at conferences in Israel. Together with her partner Hila, Amani draws on the arts for enhancing multicultural connection, closeness and empathic listening as part of a shared worldview.

Hila Haba -Ashkenazy is a graduate of the Playback Theater School in Israel, a playback teacher, a conductor of several groups and facilitates workshops at conferences in Israel and abroad. A few years ago, she participated in "From Performance to Influence", a joint project with the Arab Playback Theater group. There she met Amani Musa and since then they are partners.

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