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Digital Docking

April 22, 2021 at 11:00:00 AM

60 min

Brigid Wells, Marc Willemsen and Gideon Zehavi

To watch the recording, click here

Hard realities of the past, or hard reality of present Pandemic that bring us to therapy or to peer support spaces… PlaySpace practice intends to face reality, tenderly, irreverently, boldly… in the best way that only broken and flawed humans can.

Embodying titration and expansive attunement, we represent the flexibility of coming ever closer to tough realities, deepening our mutual comprehension and process-ability of unique and common struggles.

In a 60 minute space, we invite to focus on our non-verbal reactions to the Pandemic or other Impacts, to be shared… possibly understood^misunderstood, mirrored – accurately^inaccurately, received^not received, within a Zoom screen encounter…

Will you endeavour to drift on physically disconnected waves of 0’s and 1’s… to be represented on a screen, 1000’s of miles away from one another’s warm breath, stale arm pits, soft or calloused skin… ?  Will our minds find a place to dock, to decode those ‘cues of life’ within the tele-presence, and what might we discover?

Brigid Wells is a therapist, supervisor, trainer, who loves the sea and avocados. Not necessarily simultaneously.

Marc Willemsen is passionate about the arts, sensing, tracking, connecting, sharing, playing, learning, building, lecturing, supervising, Developmental Transformations and dramatherapy. He continues to wander and wonder.

Gideon Zehavi, MA, RDT/BCT is a DvT practitioner and trainer searching for new and renewed ways to encounter in an era of great unknowns.

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