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"Tederapia"- Radio and Art as Therapy

April 23, 2021 at 7:15:00 AM

60 min

Chen Beck

To watch the recording, click here

"Tederapia"-Radio and art as therapy is a new model that combines drama therapy and elements from the world of broadcasting. The power that comes from speaking into a microphone and listening to our own voice through headphones, alongside our choices of music, brings together flexibility and imagination which is the essence of playfulness.

In this lecture I will give the participants a report from my research of this new and exciting model, and how the participants were given the opportunity of hearing themselves in a different way, and meeting others in a more intimate and even uncomfortable way, as we DvT'ers love to make them feel.

The lecture will contain a small section in which the participants can practice and feel the power of using music as a creative way of playing with the issues and materials emerging from their play.

Chen Beck is An Israeli Drama therapist, and broadcaster for “The Voice of the Upper Galilee,” radio station.   She is the developer of “Tederapia” radio and arts as therapy.  A graduate of the Israeli DvT Institute two-year training program, she tries her best to bring more playfulness to her daily life.

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