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Nisha Sajnani, Jason Butler and Marc Willemsen


20:00 (EST 13:00; PST 10:00)

60 min

A confuZ-ing overview of the benefits Developmental Transformations (DvT)

Developmental Transformations (DvT) has gained international appeal as a therapeutic intervention in a variety of healthcare and recreational contexts. However, a review of evidence of its benefits has not previously been conducted. In this presentation, we will present outcomes of a scoping review of published, peer-reviewed English-language DvT literature through 2021. We will also share a confuZ-ing, partial, entirely incomplete open-source database of literature on DvT and recommendations for future research.

Nisha Sajnani, PhD. RDT-BCT is the director of the program in drama therapy and Theatre & Health Lab at New York University, Principal Editor of Drama Therapy Review, and graduate of the Institute of Developmental Transformations.

Jason Butler, PhD, RDT-BCT is coordinator of the drama therapy program at Lesley University. He is a graduate of the Institute of Developmental Transformations and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Arts in Psychotherapy.

Marc Willemsen, MA, is a senior lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences, graduate of the Institute of Developmental Transformations, a registered (psycho-)drama therapist, supervisor and group-therapist.

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