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The Roles don't usually appear in the real world, appear in the V-DvT

Louise Li


13:30 (CST 18:30; EST 06:30)

45 min

We all have some of the roles that we usually show in the real world, I am a young energetic woman, a funny drama therapist, a capable boss, a dutiful daughter, a bosom friend. We're so good at playing them that we don't notice how many other roles there are.

However, when difficult times arise and those familiar roles are challenged and broken, what do we do? DvT isn't about fixing those roles, at least not for me. The way I chose to do it was to release unusual roles that had been ignored and suppressed, Angry Birds, the old ugly witch, the little devil. In the virtual DvT, of course.

Compared with R-DvT, V-DvT requires more role guidance.

Follow me as we explore some of the more unusual roles.

Louise Li is the Project Director of DvT Cha, Director of SoulArts, Shenzhen, China and Lecturer of Drama therapy in Shenzhen.

Supporting team: DvT Cha

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