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The Autonomous of the Prego-play-fous

Renana Gal-Tamir


13:30 (CST 18:30; EST 06:30)

60 min

Following the historic legislation of abortion in Argentine and my personal experience as a pregnant DvT therapist, I could not stop from thinking about the way women's bodies (and the future players they carry) are being played in and out of the playspace. There is a tension that must be discussed-between the objective political reality and its variations. In the case of pregnancy, the reality is an outcome of the pregnant woman’s medical condition and her country’s political legislations addressing it. The variations potentially emerge from the player-playor embodied encounters in the playspace.

In this workshop we will explore ways in which the DvT playspace supports the experience of women’s autonomy in the face of repressive legislation. Personally, I ask: how can I, a pregnant woman, increase my sense of autonomy and ownership over my body?

It’s time to play and find out.

Renana Gal Tamir is a level 2 practitioner and graduate of Institute Israel. She is constantly dealing with the po’a, h’ish, t' and x’i of her Self and politics… even before she knew she could play with them.

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