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Rejection and encounters of otherness in DvT

Dina Fried, Dan Summer and Noa Kropach Shpongin


20:30 (EST 13:30; PST 10:30)

60 min

Title: Rejection and encounters of otherness in DvT

Presenters: Dina Fried, Dan Summer and Noa Shpongin

Duration: 60  Starting time: 20:30 (EST 13:30; PST 10:30)

As human beings, we tend to see others through categorized frameworks. We put the “other” into metaphorical boxes that don't normally fit within socially constructed ways of being (i.e., gender, race, ability/disability, etc.) hence impacting one's place in the world. Those boxes limit the way we choose to explore, engage in curiosity, and encounter the other.  Conversely, awareness of those boxes and freeing the labels attached to them may help interact with others more playfully.  In DvT, the more woke we are, or are not willing to play with, the more we can progress. This workshop will explore the impact of rejection during encounters with the other. We will play with "virtual" boxes and examine how rejection affects us during the therapeutic encounter. Does it affect the way we perceive the other and the way they perceive us?  Do we experience an impasse? Do we stop playing? Can we play with the rejection? the box? the otherness?

Dina Fried, PhD, ATR-BC, is an Arts therapist and a DvT graduate, as part of her clinical work, she supervises art therapy groups, coordinates art therapists, and encourages the use of art-based clinical practice and research.


Dan Summer PhD, ATR-BC, LCAT, ATCS holds a doctorate in Expressive therapies from Lesley University. He was the first art therapist to graduate from the Developmental Transformations institute for arts in psychotherapy based in NY.  Dr. Summer is currently an assistant professor of art therapy at Caldwell University.

Noa Shpongin is a Psychodrama therapist and a DvT level 2 trainee. She works for the ministry of Education in the special education department that specializes in work with children and adolescents. Noa is also a supervisor of psychodrama students at Seminar Hakibutzim Academic College.

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