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Radio Play

Meaghen Buckley (with some secret special guests)


20:30 (EST 13:30; PST 10:30)

20 min

Playing online invokes so much po’a as players cannot smell or touch each other, do not feel the vibrations and pheromones of bodily co-presence, do not share the same space. So much is missing and its absence can be so present as to be palpable in the body that desires to use its full range of sensation and expression. Yet in this workshop I want to invite us to willingly give up even more, and remove the visual in order to focus on sound.

Inspired by Fred Landers’ vDvT technique of Shuffling, where players are unexpectedly moved into and out of breakout rooms in ever-changing combinations, we will use the structure of Zoom to create a unique, live, improvised radio play of our own making in the here and now. This playdate will be audio only.

Why remove the visual? There is also a richness within restriction, and something gained from honing one’s attention towards a particular sense. At least – I think so. Come and try it and let me know.

Meaghen Buckley is a drama therapist in Montreal, Canada, whose creative practice considers the interactions of language and body in a variety of forms, including text, performance, and structures for audience participation.

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