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Holding the Dialectic and Avoiding Collapse: Building the Bridge of Mutuality

Kimberly Koljat and Jaq Victor


22:00 (EST 15:00; PST 12:00)

30 min

iWest will be facilitating a discussion on a common way that white supremacy

shows up in addressing the socio-cultural diversity issues and how the DvT

tools we use towards building mutuality can be applied to this problem. There

will also be a fun experiential activity to practice this skill.

Jaq Victor is training faculty at iWest and the founder of a healing justice

program called Dig & Demand for LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees of color.

Kimberly Koljat is training faculty at iWest, Clinical Director of YMCA Urban

Services in San Francisco and has a private practice serving youth and


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