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Coping with child- birth experiences

Yaara Shadur


10:15 (CST 15:15; EST 03:15)

45 min

Similar to the way a woman might imagine her wedding day so do women imagine giving birth. They study, consult, and prepare.

But childbirth is a complex event and a lot can go wrong unexpectedly.

PTSD IN PREGNANCY AND AFTER BIRTH can occur at any time from the beginning of pregnancy to one year after birth. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes a "positive birth experience" as important to any woman who gives birth, and yet the focus given to positive birth outcomes in terms of a woman's physical health and the newborn diverts attention from the mother's mental well-being.

In the DvT playspace birth experiences can be explored from different points of view on repeating themes.

Expanding women’s perspectives can promote a sense of dynamic equilibrium that, in turn can lower levels of anxiety related to the child- birth experience.

Yaara Shadur is a Physiotherapist since 1991, and Pelvic Floor Specialist since 1995. She is a level 2 trainee since 2019.

“For me women's health is both a passion and a career” (me, 2021).

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