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Con’fuZing – DvT Reshaped and Transformed
First DvT Virtual Conference 
April 22-23, 2021


Our world and lives have been shaken to the core. We are transform’ing. The Akko 2020 conference will forever remain in the unrealized and prematurely lost lands of Po’a. 


Take a minute to consider: Have you given yourself the time to grieve your losses? Have you desperately and con’placiousy pushed forward without taking a minute to pause and reflect? Are you striving to acknowledge^understand^master^conquer these new virtual playspaces? Or are you just overwhelmed and trying to survive until all this goes away?

Let us explore, share and learn how we balance between old and new, near and far, virtual and real encounters in the hope of reexperiencing the Altneuland of Dynamic Equilibrium within the DvT playspace?!

We welcome presentation, workshop, performance & short experience sharing proposals from individuals or training institutes, wherein various dimensions of  V-DvT vs R(eal)-DvT are explored, performed and shared. Surprise yourselves and forge new ways towards our good old dynamic equilibrium. Welcome to the First Virtual DvT Mini-Conference: let’s meet, expand our shared experiences and transform together! 😊


Proposal outline:

  • Duration: 5-60 mins. Long

  • Write the presentation title and the name(s) of the presenter(s)

  • State the time zone you will be presenting from.

  • Tell us if you agree to have your presentation video recorded*.

  • Write a short presentation description (no more than 150 words) and a few words about the presenter/s (no more than 25 words for each presenter). 

  • Zoom will be the conference virtual platform.

  • Accommodating of specific day and time for presentations is limited.

  • Send your proposals to

  • Deadline for proposals: January 15, 2021

Forever con’fuZ’ing,

The ii (Institute Israel) crew 😊

*Due to the significant time zone differences between conference attendees we anticipate many will find it difficult, if not virtually impossible, to attend some of their chosen events live. We therefore wish to create a platform accessible to conference attendees only, where video recorded events could be viewed. This option will be available for a few days following the conference after which all presentations will be deleted. There will be no downloading option of recorded material. This is our intention and we need your cooperation to get the ball rolling – please tell us if you would agree to be recorded or not in your proposal. We will send you an informed consent form to sign after the January 15, 2021 proposal deadline. Please send to us more concerns or questions.

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