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Con’fuZing – DvT Reshaped and Transformed

The First Virtual DvT Conference

April 22-23, 2021 

Hello out there!! All you playful people in the boxed seats… IT IS TIME - it’s time to move, it’s time to shake, it’s time to do the thing that we do best: meet, play and transform in the first ever v-DvT international conference!

Login^Signup^Zoom-in to an new state of VDE (virtual dynamic equilibrium). We will fondly remember the 2020 Akko conference that was prematurely lost; we will grieve our losses, con’placiously push on, and try hard to do a better than survive these harsh times through pLay!

Let us explore, share and learn how we balance between old and new, near and far, virtual and real encounters in the hope of re-experiencing our dimensionalized sea legs once more within the Virtual DvT Playspace.

Welcome to the First v-DvT Mini-Conference: let’s meet, expand our shared experiences and transform!


Forever Con’fuZed,

The ii (Institute Israel) crew 😊